When you don't know where to start a wedding planner or as we like to call ourselves a wedding designer is the answer!

Our working style depends upon every clients individuality. We believe in constant communication so that we are always synced with all the proceedings and all the feedback can be integrated in our style of working.

Planning for weddings is stressful and this is exactly where we step in and once we are aligned with your ideas, it's showtime for us.

We work with you , for you and sincerely believe that a phenomenal wedding does not have to be high priced.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your pre-marriage phase. Focus on taking those wedding vows while we take care of the wedding woes



We do not go according to any fixed plans, our strategies are not set in cement. We are a team of dedicated individuals with a bunch of ideas sitting eagerly to integrate it with your ideas and give you the perfect wedding of your dreams.

Time is important and we value time , both yours and ours. Our widespread network and experience in the industry enables us to get the work done on time and under budget.

We present our clients with unbiased opinions and options. We believe in transparency in every domain. If we do not like a particular vendor's work, we do not recommend them nor force our clients for any particular vendor.

Proud members of the smartphone era, we will stay in touch , may be even to an annoying level. We are in this work for the love of it and a good wedding for us is another job well done.

Just as your wedding needs to be planned, it also needs to be styled and designed. The entire look needs to be conceptualised . How else will you build a solid cohesive look and bring those pinterest boards to life.

Taking inspiration from your story and life, we translate your ideas and dreams into reality making your wedding a reflection of your personality.

From meeting the first time with a blank state to conceptualising your designs- to booking and managing vendors to make the concepts come to life, we do it all to make your wedding dream happen including design consulting , storyboard assembly, event How creations, layouts. Everything.


We would assist you throughout the wedding, starting from consultation meetings to reception ceremony.Whatever plans you have had for the wedding will be coordinated and executed by our team to take out the stress from your planning part. Our packages include everything from-

Our packages include everything from

- Hotel Bookings
- Travel and Logistics
- Bride and Groom Attire Selection
- Location Selection
- Menu Assortment
- Pre-wedding and Wedding Photography
If your need is wedding related-KREATIVE can do it for you!

- organizing rituals and ceremonies
- wedding DJs
- A complete website for the couple customized the way they want it
- Guest Management
- D day Coordination.


- Site Selection and Budgeting
- Site Booking
- Indoor/ Outdoor/ Destination


- RSVP and follow ups with all guests would be done.
- calling all the guests from a dedicated helpline number
- preparation of rooming lists as per your instructions
- pre check-ins and check-outs
- tagging the luggage of the guests at the time of check in
- helpdesk at the reception of the hotel the guests are staying in.Assisting the guests with any queries they may have at the help desk
- KREATIVE Team can design collaterals like welcome letter,envelope,key card holder, itinerary etc. and suggest printing agency for the same.
- hamper and stationery placement in rooms
- emails/whatsapps the save the dates to the guests
- reminding guests in advance to get ready for the functions.


- pickup and drop(cab service)-charges extra will be on actuals as per the requirement
- room allocation(family/singles/doubles/extra-bed)
- food management at hotel/guest houses
- oversee every guest is taken care of and bears a comfortable stay at the hotel
- hangover kits


- creating the entire event flow with crisp itinerary for the event and communicating the same to the guests.
- suggestion and selection of various service providers
- selection in the mode of entertainment and full on-site assistance for the event
- make-up and hair appointments
- kreative events would be responsible for running the creative show flow,stage management,artist and backstage management for all events of the function
- talent,contracting and management-
a) cultural/folk artiste(if any)
b) tribal artiste(if any)
c) performing artiste worldwide
d) dj,musicians,and singers
e) interactive entertainers(if any)
f) welcome artiste(if any)
g) host for the ceremonies(if any)
- license and permissions-
* all license and permissions from govt.or local authorities that amy be required for all the events and airport welcome.Kreative events could assist on the same to be procured.This will be an additional charge.
* assist in obtaining insurance for the entire event.This will be an addidtional charge
- security-
* security for all the events-if required on actual.


- understanding the client's needs,interests,story and requirements.
- locking on the theme for the chunni ceremony and cocktail night
- designing a pictorial decor presentation,sketches,seating,seating charts,venue layouts
- executing the decor as per the finalized presentation and budget
- venue stationery management like welcome banners and table placements.
- Flowering and decorating
- sound and light
- thematic decor(western/indian/traditional/bollywood)
- fabrication and execution.


- DJ style and music-traditional/western/english
- The DJ will depend on the how big a stage is required with the styles of dance floor and the conjunction of the decor
- special artists(bollywood singer/ dancer/musician/cultural/indian/international/anchors atc.)
- photography and drones-pre-wedding,candid,traditional,cinematography,moving cameras,wedding teasers.
- 3D projection,3D mapping,2D graphics and LED live screens
- photo booths and lip dups- scores of options available
- mehandi wala- in hotel/home


- chori wala-in hotel/home
- band/baggi/dhol wala-in hotel/home
- after party props
- panditji
- choreographers and stage planners
- wedding website-a sample is as attached.This is a royal feature of indian weddings
- wedding story shoot(be played on the event day/social channel)
- wedding story and photo stands
- cultural auspicious welcome: brooch,garlands,bands etc
- audience engagement(wax hands,mood rings,tarot reading etc.)


- food type and menu(vegetarian/non-vegetarian/alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
- serving and live counters
- plate order/quantity
- food presentation,styling and decor
- overseeing food quantity
- bar quantity and dissipation
Multiple caterers and food tasting will progress once partial choices are made. We need to take all necessary licenses and permits for serving liquor.


- emergency planning and exits
- first aid availability
- ambulance and fire brigade availability


- tour packages(domestic/international)
- tour video
- thematic video shoot at different locations
- surprise gifts.

NOTE: We don't charge any commission from any vendor recommended by us and we are comfortable to work with the clients preferred service providers.


The Indian wedding planning checklist (that you can actually use) While wedding planning,we dig around online for hours trying to find the right indian wedding planning checklist as if it would appear out of thin air.After page 5 of searching through google results,we stopped looking.

The checklists on the big sites included irrelevant items and then there were the random indian sites that apparently had checklists.

What if your wedding isn't 12 months from now and it's closer than that?the heart beats faster.Next.... List are good,but 100 items?ugh,that's way too overwhelming.The first line gets processed and then your mind goes into "eh i'll just figure it out' mode.

The idea of figuring it out is amazing in theory,but when you get to logistics,it'll bite you.Whether you're getting married in 6 months or 2 years,this wedding planning checklist is one list that won't stress you out.

It's a wedding planning checklist for any kind of indian wedding and can be used for a fusion indian wedding too.

HAIR/MAKEUP: Getting references is very important here,we do the research.Ask about pricing by event.If you're getting hair/makeup done for your bridal party,now's the time to inquire about location of services and pricing.

DJ/MUSIC: Here's another place to get references.It all depends on what you want.Do you want a band one night and a dj another?COnfirm if he/she can also serve as the MC (if you want) and if you can see them in action(at another event). If you're planning to bring in a dj or band from another city,they'll usually require a hotel stay before the event.

SECONDARY VENDORS RESEARCH: Now that the main vendors are squared away,focus on next tier.

MEHANDI,FLORAL JEWELLERY ETC: The best way to find the a mehandi artist and other vendors is by meeting a few and see their work first hand because a lot of them work by word of mouth(re: no website or way to find them online).

DECOR(MANDAP,LINENS,FABRICS): Picking out a decorator was easy for me because i didn't have a ton of options.What takes longer after the initial decision is deciding what you want. Worry about picking a decorator first but check out selections before you make a decision.Save the details for later. What matters most is that that decorator can provide what you want and can work easily with othert vendors to coordinate your design ideas.

PHOTO/VIDEO: Indian weddings require photographers/videographers who've already shot indian weddings.No arguments there.Find someone who is willing to shoot the style you're looking for and inquire about multiple events up front.

TIP: Don't forget about an engagement shoot (if you want one).Many photographers will create a better package if you decide to include engagement photos in the package.

DESIRES/PRIORITIES: Now is the time to talk your ideal wedding and what you want.

GROOM:Live music at reception

BRIDE:High end food that includes cuisine from all over the world

END RESULT:A threecourse black tie "gala" type reception with a band.

NUMBER OF EVENTS: Do you want the big fat indian wedding? or do you want to keep things simple with only oneprewedding event?It's crucial to get on the same page before you discuss anything. GUEST COUNT:This one gets tricky.Discuss your desired headcount.

LOCATION: Destination wedding or local?

VENUE TYPE: Think high level.Do you want a venue with outdoor space?Allows outside catering? Traditional wedding hall or non-traditional space?

INVITATIONS,HAMPERS,PACKAGING AND OTHER STATIONERY: Once you have the event details squared away,you can start plugging away on the invitations.

TIP: Consider RSVPs to minimize the cost of mailing out RSVP cards(not to mention it's easier to keep a track of responses).

HOTEL AND TRANSPORTATION:Ask the hotel about transportation to and from the venue.Otherwise,look into shuttle services before,during and after each event.
Schedule/Timeline for each event.

HOME EVENTS PLANNING:If you're planning to rent a tent,tables and chairs,now's the time to do it.You can be creative with decorating your home for the event.

DELEGATED TASKS "DAY OF COORDINATOR":For Indian weddings,it's crucial that you have a "coordinator" handling the last minute details.Whether you decide to hire a coordinator or not,you should still have that "goto" person who the coordinator can use as a resource.


  • They all did absolutely amazing! Such creative ideas, always listening to what I had visioned, and always responded & put up with my million questions! They made everything flow so smoothly!

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    Shailza Kalia

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    Shilpa Jain

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    Harman Deep

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