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Things To Keep In Mind While Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are a pretty sight! The natural light, scenic views and the ability to manipulate the gorgeous outdoors into anything with décor is one of the many perks of having an outdoor wedding. But it does come with its shares of worries and checklists. So if you are a 2022 bride looking to plan an outdoor wedding, bookmark this list of things to keep in mind!

  • Check the weather
    This one’s a no brainer! Understanding what the weather might be in the season or even week that you plan to have your wedding can change the game for you completely. If it’s too hot or sunny, you will need to have a shade and mist fans for your guests. If it’s too cold and windy, you will need to ensure that you have sturdy chairs!
  • Use The Location To The Maximum
    If you have a scenic background, ensure that you use that. Planning a beach wedding? Have pheras at sunset. Mountain wedding? Have the mandap with the mountains as the backdrop!
  • Double Check Licences
    Just because you have a gorgeous lawn area available, you can’t have a wedding! You need music, fire hazard, alcohol and a number of licences when you are having a public event. If your property isn’t part of any club or hotel, ensure you have these licences in place!
  • Direction of the Sun
    While the backdrop is essential, so is the direction of the sun. Especially if you are planning a summer wedding in day time. You don’t want to be squinting while you take your pheras, exchange vows or sit there in front of the hot blazing havan.
  • Have Little Something For The Guests!
    Handfans for summers, beach slippers for beaches, a towel to wipe off if its monsoons and maybe a shawl for winter weddings. A little something always goes a long way in the guest feeling special.


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