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A wedding planner will save you considerable stress during the planning process and especially on the actual day of your wedding. They’ll also serve as your creative partner – not just overseeing logistical matters – but also providing a wealth of ideas, insights, opinions, and more. Don’t have time to research vendors? Wedding Planners do all the planning and legwork. That way, you just show up to appointments, approve designs, sample menus, and so on.

Planners also know the best vendors to hire and they can get you great rates…In short, they are there to take all the stress out of planning and organising your wedding while still providing you with everything you want for the big day.

• They’ll be the one point contact for all your requirements
• They will ensure that you remain within the budget, manage your accounts and due payments
• Negotiate to get the best possible deals and prices from vendors through their insider knowledge
• Offer great advice on locations, decoration ideas and other services
• Take the stress out of your wedding by shouldering responsibility for all the organization

Wedding planners generally charge a management/service fee, which is typically a percentage or fixed amount of the total wedding budget and amount of work and is finalised after discussions with you. However there are costs savings you will receive from the special rates offered exclusively to us by our vendors and suppliers.
Hiring us does not necessarily cost you more than your planned budget.

Yes, of course! There are several options available, the kreativeevents is confident one will be just right for you. Today’s brides and grooms-to-be often busy with dual careers and tight budgets yet wanting to make their wedding day memorable – we are happy to work within your budget.

The services of wedding planners are also frequently used in the planning of other social events such as anniversaries, engagement parties, birthday celebrations, mall decorations corporate events and other special occasions. We are happy to help with any function.

There are several options available to couples. Weddings between religions and cultures is a fast-growing trend which Rings & Roses is highly experienced with.

Yes! Kreative Events is happy to handle all of the celebrations surrounding your wedding – before, during and after your wedding day.

Ideally you should begin planning for your wedding 6 to 12 months ahead of the event. Popular wedding services, venues and suppliers require to be booked well in advance. However we recognise that this may not always be the case for whatever reason and we can help.

You would ideally need to begin discussing your needs with us at least 4 -10 months in advance. Once you have decided withKreative events, we require you to book our services immediately to ensure that we are available and have enough time to plan and execute your wedding to match or exceed your expectations!

Need urgent help with your wedding? Contact us asap and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We prefer to work with our select partners and suppliers and coordinate the entire event; we have built an excellent working relationship with our partners over time and guarantee the quality of their products and services. However, we understand that you may have a preferred choice of service provider, such as a hairstylist or florist and we are happy to respect your wishes on a case to case basis.

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