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Different themes of wedding

Picking out a wedding theme can be the toughest task for the bride and groom. Now, how do you pick a theme that you’ll actually love? Look inside yourself, your likes and dislikes, what kind of personality are you. Do you like simple or quirky? Traditional or modern? A wedding theme not only gives you and your partner a chance to reflect your own unique style, a wedding theme can be beautifully used while deciding the design of your invitations, centre pieces, wedding cake, wedding hashtags and more.

From pop culture themes to nostalgia filled affairs, we have covered tons of wedding inspos to set your tone for the big day. Here are some wedding themes that can inspire you to turn your dream into reality.

  • Rustic
    Down to earth, natural and outdoorsy but still sophisticated. An affair of string lights, barns, wood and beautiful floral centerpieces. More drama can be added by beautiful crystal chandeliers and antique furnishings contrasted with vibrant hues of colors such as orange, red and many more. If you like more of an earthy yet sophisticated feel then rustic wedding décor ideal for you.
  • Modern
    Are you a lover of all things fresh and trending? If yes, then the modern theme is perfect for your contemporary sense of style. An amalgamation of greenery, clean lines, monochromatic color palette, modern décor theme is all about minimalism and elegance. Imagine a wedding with a natural backdrop decorated with white flowers all around detailed with floral centerpieces and candles.
  • Traditional
    A traditional wedding focuses on the marrying couple’s heritage and their cultures. Do you dream a wedding that reflects your culture because you love it so much and you want to let people know about your culture? Then you should go for a traditional theme. Imagine the shades of red, green and gold all around elaborated with carpets, lighted with candles and Indian inspired lanterns reflecting your culture.
  • Romantic
    Are you a lover of soft pastel hues, delicate lighting and beautiful white flowers? If yes, the romantic theme is the one for you. Imagine a space with beautiful hanging lights, soft pastel palate, flowers all around with delicate centre pieces.
  • Preppy
    Are you a vibrant person by heart and want all things colorful around you? Quirky theme is your cup of tea then. Eye catching bright hues detailed with quirky centerpieces, an eccentric decorated wall and unconventional signages. If you don’t want a normal looking wedding then the preppy theme has your name written all over it.

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